"Maps And Directions To The Wareham Boatyard And Marina..."

Phone Number: 508-748-1472

Wareham Boatyard and Marina, Rose Point, 73 Leonard St, Wareham, Massachusetts, 02576

Maps and directions

If you are coming from beyond Wareham, the map below will lead you to Route 6. Route 6 can be accessed from the south by either following Route 6 or Route 195. If on Route 195 from the South, get off at the Wareham exit. Take a right off the exit ramp. This puts you on Route 28. Keep going for about a mile until you come to a fork in the road. There is a gas station there. Bear right at the gas station and continue until you see a church on the right hadn side. Take a right at the church (Gibbs St)and keep bearing right until you come to the end. At the end turn right onto Route 6. Switch to next map.

Continue on Route 6 until you get the the first traffic light. This is Point Road. Turn right on Point Road and go to the end. At the end turn right on County Road. There are small signs that say Rose Point which is your ultimate destination. At Blackmore Pond Road go right again and consult next map for details. You should also see Wareham Boatyard and Marina signs now.

Continue on Blackmore Pond Road until Barlow. Go right at Barlow.

Next, look for Leonard Street. Take a left and follow it to the Wareham Boatyard and Marina at the rivers edge.

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