"All New Mercury Outboard Motors (Optimax and Verado) Are Warranted For 3 Years.."


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All About The New Mercury Marine Engines Here

Naturally, we recommend Mercury Outboard Motors.

We have a variety for sale now priced to move at off-season prices. Come on in and take a look...

Mercury Outboard Engines Lined up and hung on a wall

All About The New Mercury Marine Engines Here

Does It Really Matter Which Outboard Engine You Pick?

Maybe. Most people pick an engine by asking their friends which motor is best. This is a best a sticky proposition and it all depends on what they use their motor for. Fihing, pleasure, work, etc.

Will they be on fresh or salt water. Perhaps both.

Each of these requires a separate answer.

You may have been told that Yamaha is the only engine to use in salt water. You heard that Chrysler engines didn't hold up. Or that Mercury engines had problems.

And you would really stay away from Tohatso and Nissan - what do they know about building good outboard engines?

Johnson has been around for years and is a good engine. Same with Evinrude. Can't be be beat on a lake.

But what about weight.

Should you pick a 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

The list goes on and on. Isn't there a checklist somewhere that will help you pick the right outboard for you?

Yes. We have one at Wareham Boatyard and Marina. We are an authorized Mercury dealer and naturally recommend Mercury Outboard Motors.

However, we also sell used motors of various brands.

Come on in, have a doughnut and a soft drink or a cup of coffee on us. Look around, our used engines are priced to sell.

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