Mercury Performance Gives You Top Speeds And Standstill Holeshots That Push You Back in Your Seat

Mercury Performance at Wareham boatyard

Fact: There's No Such Thing As Too Much Power

At Mercury, when we add product innovations to our outboards that improve reliability, fuel efficiency, or handling, we make sure that none of them compromises a single lick of power or Mercury performance. It's important to us because we know it's important to you.

As much as we tout reliability and dollars saved at the gas pump, we can't help but feel a certain affinity for unfathomable holeshots … unrivaled acceleration … and unparalleled top speed. Like you, we're hardwired to appreciate the wind in our face.

So naturally our outboards are hardwired to deliver all that and more.


Superior Holeshot and Acceleration

The definition of performance starts with the holeshot. The launching out of a standstill that pushes you back into your seat. Once you've experienced a Mercury holeshot, you'll know why we're the kings of outboard performance.

Check out a few ways we make that first impression …

The unique Verado Charge Air Cooler teams with the supercharger to cool the compressed air before it enters the engine's combustion chambers. Combustion is more complete and intense, which means more power.

For those folks who are fans of two-stroke engine technology, the OptiMax Two-Stage Direct Injection System provides a constant supply of atomized fuel and air for consistent performance, unmatched throttle response, and greater efficiency.

Awesome Torque Levels

Mercury was the first company to incorporate a supercharger into an outboard. The result? The four-stroke Mercury Verado. Verado's Supercharged System delivers the torque big boats need for immediate planing, superior mid-range acceleration, and sustained planing at lower speeds.

The Power of Air

The Verado charge air cooler increases torque and power by delivering higher levels of airflow, critical for the most efficient (and powerful) combustion. Verado also features an Electronic Boost-Bypass Valve that electronically monitors boost pressure levels within the intake system and automatically feeds excess air back through the intake when no additional boost is needed.

Lightweight, Compact Design

The compact OptiMax engine configuration combines the smooth-running characteristics of a V6 engine with a slim, 60-degree design. Its outstanding power-to-weight ratio results in increased speed and holeshot, making it a superior engine for almost any type of boat.

The Prop Starts Here

Mercury's excellence doesn't stop with the outboard. It also extends to the prop shaft, where Mercury has a tremendous heritage designing and developing the world's best outboard propellers. The Fury, one of our newest creations, utilizes a proprietary alloy that allows us to design a prop that improves your top speed and acceleration – a feat once thought impossible.

Run with the Pros

The tournament-tested Mercury ProXS lineup is the choice of thousands of performance-minded anglers. Only OptiMax ProXS engines feature durable and responsive Carbon Fiber Reeds to control airflow into the engine crankcase, while dome-Shaped Piston Heads direct the fuel-and-air charge to the spark plug more efficiently. This results in amazing power, outstanding durability, and excellent running quality. In head-to-head tests, the 150hp ProXS outran the competition by almost 5 MPH – while delivering 15% better fuel economy.

FourStroke Fun

Mercury FourStroke outboards feature large displacement for more torque and improved performance. That means quick planning and more fun for skiers and tubers … better fuel efficiency across the powerband … and top-end speed (and excitement) to spare.

Take advantage of Mercury performance today. Call Don at Wareham Boatyard (508-748-1472). His prices and service are superior to anyone's in the Northeast.

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