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All NEW ENGINES Come With A 5 YEAR Mecrury Warranty

Current Motor Inventory

New Engines

Model Year 2018Model YearRetailOur PriceShaft
2.5 hp 4 Stroke2018$1045$87515"
3.5 hp 4-Stroke2018$1215$99515"
6m 4-Stroke2018$2040$1,75015"
9.9 4-Stroke2018$2625$2,25015"
15m 4-Stroke2018$2,965$2,50015"
25 ELH 4-Stroke2018$4725$2,25020"
25 hp ml 4-Stroke2018$4185$360020"
40 hp ELPT 4-Stroke2018$6510$550020"
60 hp ELPT2018$7,745$6,30020"
150 hp 4-Stroke2018$13,980$11,95025"
250 hp XL Opti-DFI 2 Stroke Pro XS2018$21,615$18,90025"

Call for other models, price and availability.

Used Engines

3.5 hp ml 4-Stroke2007Mercury$40015"
5 hp ml 4-Stroke2013Mercury$95020"
20 hp MLH2010Mercury$140015"
25 hp mlh 4-Stroke2012Mercury$180020"
30 HP MLH2008Mercury$1,80020"
275 HP Verado2005Mercury$6,00035"
275HP 4-stroke2006Mercury$6,00020"
300 HP Verado2011Mercury$6,00025"

If you don't see the engine you want, please call for pricing and immediate delivery. We can get any Mercury product at very competitive prices...lower than the other dealers. Call us today...ask for Don Dugan...

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