"Slips And Moorings Available On The Weweantic River At Wareham Boatyard and Marina, Wareham, MA 02576..."

Wareham Boatyard and Marina, Rose Point, 73 Leonard St, Wareham, MAA 02576

Landline: (508) 748-1472

"Protected Slips And Moorings Are Where You Want To Be When The Wind Picks up..."

Aerial view of the Wareham Boatyard and Marina

Slips and moorings at Wareham Boatyard and Marina.

Fifty slips and seven moorings are available for rent on the Weweantic River, Rose Point in Wareham, MA 02576.

Our slips/moorings will handle small to mid-sized power boats between 13 and 28 feet long.

There is water, gasoline, and electricity at our dock.

Another feature is the pump-out facility.

The Weweantic River offers a protected environment away from the open waters of Buzzards Bay.

It is only 15 minutes from our dock to Buzzards Bay and about 45 minutes to Martha's Vineyard on a South Easterly course.

The slips/moorings are rented seasonally from April 15th to October 28th.

The base rate is $82.00 per foot (overall length) plus $125.00 for the Wareham town boating sticker. These are minimum fees based on "finger" length as we have 18', 20', and 24' fingers.

The largest boat at our dock is 27 feet long.


We are behind the Route 6 bridge which has a clearance at high tide of 5 feet. The maximum clearance at mean low tide is 11 1/2 feet.

We have some moorings outside the bridge for $850.00. The Wareham town sticker is $125.00.

Mooring inside the bridge cost $675.00 for the season.

Our store stocks soda, spring water, ice, coffee and donuts.

There are also sanitary facilities.

Our ship-to-shore store also stocks the basic supplies used in maintaining your boat, such as boat soap, engine filters, motor oils, anchor lines, Coast Guard equipment, etc.

If we don't have it, please click on our business partners catalog at West Marine.

Aerial CloseUp Wareham Boatyard

The new dock configuration has been approved and installed.

Dock and slip configuration

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