"The Truth About Maintenance Is That Mercury Optimax Is Designed To Make It Simple..."

Wareham Boatyard and Marina, Rose Point, 73 Leonard St, Wareham, Massachusetts, 02576

"Handlingwise, the brutish Mercury was the best of the three - no contest." - Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine

Rude Awakening Number Three

The Truth About Maintenance.

Despite Evenrude's claim that their outboard engiones are maintenance free ( it says they are right in their manual ) no marine engine can last very long without routine maintenance. Maybe this is a ploy by Evinrude to sell more marine engines by having them wear out faster.

It is a fact that regular routine maintenance will prolong the life of any engine, marine or not.

The OptiMax is designed to mkae those smart, routine checkups as simple as possible with innovative features such as freshwater flushing devices, lightweight cowls, see-through fluid reservoirs and ear-to-follow Operator's Manuals.

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The Truth About Maintenance

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